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Shopping online is now just a way of life today and where would we be without it, you are literally entering the largest shopping centre in the world. The market place has grown so fast and so large that buying anything from any where in the world is now a possibility

Ashley Barnard offers a great on-line shopping systems ready for you to start selling tangible and digital products. I offer a Safe, secure and reliable system with a simple checkout using your preferred merchant.

Whether you are using Paypal, sagepay HSBC, Barclays, Cardsave, Realex or any other merchant provider we have the right solution ready to be built to your custom requirements.

You can expect our full support

Whether you are selling just a few items to thousand or products our e-commerce solution can be tailored to suite your products and budget.

Over the years I have produced many e-commerce website the first one 7 years ago and still going strong today, for example, businesses selling hunting Supplies, dog Vitamins and food, to lingerie and DIY tools.

So not matter what you would like to sell I will be able to work with you and your new and exciting project.

All the e-commerce site are secure and protected with a secure ssl certificate giving you peace of mind that your shoppers details or stored safely.

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