Getting fluid

2013 is surly the year when websites go fluid. Yes fluid, dynamic, flexible, mobile and tablet friendly, how ever you want to put it, websites are now being viewed more on mobile devises today than they are on PC's.

Don't get me wrong there are still millions of websites out there that have not made the change and it could be another 3-5 years before the majority are more fluid and flexible. If you are thinking of a redesign or new website then this has to be in to top three questions you will be asking your developer to ensure, and even if they say yes, does the site still look good?

Is your website just as easy to use on a desktop as on a phone, or has the mobile version gone to pot and you have a site that looks nothing like the desktop version.

Anyway without going on and on about it, just make sure you go mobile there's allot of business to be had and missed on the go, so why not grab a slice of the mobile user market.

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