Who created your Joomla site?

Whilst we are generally creating websites for businesses and individuals, in recent months we have increased our work by the way of other web design firms approaching us and getting us to create their Joomla based web sites and templates.

We currently have over 5 projects on the go, 3 of which are web sites for other web site design firms that have approached us for a professional Joomla site for their clients. From school projects to large businesses, we are the people behind the web site that no one ever gets to hear about.

You may have a had a Joomla site created by company A, but the fact being is that we may have created it for company A to sell to you at a higher rate than it would have cost if you missed out the middle man and came directly to us.

Of course we are not knocking back the work, any work is good for us and good for you, that a professional company in Joomla like Ashley Barnard is actually behind the project. Ensuring that you have the latest components, the right security and back-up features installed, good seo implementation and finally the ability to update your Joomla site using the best features available.

All in all we have created around 12 sites this year for other firms with 3 on the go and a further 2 projects in the pipe line.

Whether you are new to Joomla , thinking about have a Joomla website, or looking at upgrading your current to Joomla or the latest version then please feel free to call us on 001253 317504 to discuss your project today.

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